How to Rise Above the Social Media Noise in 2017

Source: Inc.

The key to success in social media is not to be everywhere at once or to be the loudest in the room but to be present where your buyers are. In my last article, I wrote about mistakes to avoid in your social media marketing strategy in which I called out that social media has evolved to be a cluttered and noisy sea of content muddled by competing social networks, brands, and people that are all vying for the same thing–reach and attention. Seemingly, every channel you tune into these days there’s a guru streaming live on Facebook, a YouTube… Read More at: How to Rise Above the Social Media Noise in 2017

Interesting Service That Connects You to 100 new LinkedIn Users a Day

Microsoft is opening the flood gates to giving entrepreneurs access to LinkedIn users for lead generation. LinkedIn Sales Navigator is fast becoming a pay per service add-on that gives entrepreneurs easy access to 100’s of new users a day.

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