5 Leadership Lessons from Cinematic Psychopaths

Source: Inc.

“Psychopaths,” writes research psychologist Kevin Dutton, “are fearless, confident, charismatic, ruthless and focused.” They’re also, it seems, frequently found in the oak-paneled boardrooms of companies spread throughout this great country and beyond. But why are business leaders with psychopathic characteristics so effective? Wouldn’t this unsettling diagnosis be a hindrance to success, rather than a help? The Spectrum Not so fast, says Dutton. “There is a spectrum of psychopathy along which each of us has our place, with only a small minority [of us being arsonists, Milwaukee-based cannibals, etc.]” In other words, it’s crazy like a fox versus crazy like an… Read More at: 5 Leadership Lessons from Cinematic Psychopaths

Interesting Service That Connects You to 100 new LinkedIn Users a Day

Microsoft is opening the flood gates to giving entrepreneurs access to LinkedIn users for lead generation. LinkedIn Sales Navigator is fast becoming a pay per service add-on that gives entrepreneurs easy access to 100’s of new users a day.

More at: http://newlucid.com/linkedin-lead-generation/


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