United Debt Counselors Revamping Debt Settlement Practices

Source: Canadian Business Journal.

FRISCO, TX–(Marketwired – Mar 9, 2017) – Consumers who have feared debt settlement services should embrace the fact that United Debt Counselors, which has worked in the debt relief industry for 5 years, is revising and improving its policies, practices and procedures for marketing and providing its services. It is UDC’s goal for individuals to thoroughly understand the process before they sign any contracts. United Debt Counselors wants all of its customers to be fully informed before the company takes action on their behalf to attempt to settle debts with banks, credit card companies and other creditors. The company will… Read More at: United Debt Counselors Revamping Debt Settlement Practices

Interesting Service That Connects You to 100 new LinkedIn Users a Day

Microsoft is opening the flood gates to giving entrepreneurs access to LinkedIn users for lead generation. LinkedIn Sales Navigator is fast becoming a pay per service add-on that gives entrepreneurs easy access to 100’s of new users a day.

More at: http://newlucid.com/linkedin-lead-generation/


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