How Scientists Are Starting to Conquer Complexity

Source: Inc.

Today, even an ordinary teenager with a smartphone has almost godlike power over information. With a few swipes and clicks, anybody can access the world’s information, use advanced tools to analyze its meaning and share it with anyone else. That’s really changed how we innovate. So it’s strange that the practice of science has, for the most part, been stuck in the dark ages. The process of research, peer review and publication remains almost as cumbersome as it was decades ago, which slows down our ability to turn new discoveries into useful applications. That may be changing though. Taking a… Read More at: How Scientists Are Starting to Conquer Complexity

Interesting Service That Connects You to 100 new LinkedIn Users a Day

Microsoft is opening the flood gates to giving entrepreneurs access to LinkedIn users for lead generation. LinkedIn Sales Navigator is fast becoming a pay per service add-on that gives entrepreneurs easy access to 100’s of new users a day.

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