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Our fast affordable video production division, Netcastevent, will interview you over a Skype call and in Just 30 Minutes you have a compelling audiovisual news story about your business.

Get interviewed from home or office over Skype just like you see on TV News.

Your interview video will be posted as a news story on one of our supported news networks. You 100% Control Your Message.

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YouTube Shows
A quick, simple and highly engaging open interview conducted over a half-hour Skype call then posted on YouTube.
Episodes are posted to YouTube and may be embedded on your website through our limited free use license. Paid HD versions can be downloaded and submitted to any website or video sharing platform.
Uses: Simple affordable video interviews that are unbranded to any particular show or website can be posted on any news site or website as they are created in a generic style
Ideal For: SEO, Ranking Videos on Google Social Media Syndication, Lead Generation, Video Blogging, Email Marketing, WebTV Portals
Includes: 30 minute interview and a full-use license.
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News Interviews
Your Headline News Story submitted to high profile news media websites like Examiner or MONEY® Magazine Online.
These videos add valuable social proof credibility to the guest, story or brand.
Uses: Money and Examiner shows rank well on search sites like Google. Newsworthy stories could be picked up by traditional media and syndicated as business news feeds.
Ideal For: News Syndication, Google Ranking,SEO, Employee Morale, Recruiting, Thought Leadership, Social Proof and Social Media Syndication
Includes: 30 minute interview, article, webtraffic and news site shares.

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Client Reviews   44444

“Very professional and very well edited. Thank you for the excellent interview!”  Kyle Irwin


In one word, “Wow!!” I was looking for a way to get a video about my business online and Kersten had the perfect solution. From the recording through to production and upload, it was all an incredible experience. Even more than that, it was really fun. I’m going to be doing another couple of online interviews soon and this is where I’m going for that service. On a side note, one of Kersten’s competitors contacted me this week asking for an opportunity to show me what they have and receive a “free” interview. I said “No thanks. This is the company I use” and provided a link to their site. Hey – when you have the best, there’s no need to look elsewhere.”  Patrick Mazor

“New Lucid (BizDevWeekly) is the go to company if you are looking for creative ways to improve your internet marketing strategy to get business leads. The company offers a variety of services that are priced fairly and quite effective for getting more clicks. I have worked with them a few times and find the company very professional and ROI focused.” Karen Hope

“Netcast Events is an outstanding service and I highly recommend it. We were approached by another company that offered to do a video testimonials for substantially more and that involved air travel to a studio.Netcast provides a professional, easy, and cost effective way for us to get video testimonials from our clients. We plan to do all our future video testimonials using Netcast Events.” Rich Forman



“I stumbled upon NetCastEvent quite by accident and was immediated attracted by the impact created with their interview-style videos. Any video production company I had approached with this concept (though not as well thought-through as NetcastEvent’s version) wanted silly money to do anything much at all. I decided to go ahead and it turned out to be a lot easier than I imagined. Kersten held my hand through the whole process and even though I fluffed my lines a few times, he was able to easily deal with that and do a re-take (several re-takes actually!). I am DELIGHTED with my 5 min video and know it will be a big help in marketing my company’s products. If you are looking for a video production company to produce a top-quality video at a very reasonable price – you need look no further. I will be back soon to make another one. I’m hooked on this type of promotion now!” Adrian Jones


 “Netcast Events provides high quality and affordable video production services. I highly recommend them for any business interested in promoting their products or services online or to simply improve their Internet public trust.” John Romano


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