Doing Deals: How to Stop Deals From Crashing, an in-your-face approach – Oren Klaff Unplugged

Doing Deals How to Stop Deals From Crashing

Calgary business development consultants Chris Hamilton and Kersten Kloss interview high stakes “Pitch Master” Oren Klaff about is ingenious approaches to high stakes deal pitching.

In this episode of Oren Klaff Unplugged: Have you ever experienced a situation where your deal is jeopardized by a meeting naysayer? Someone who is trying to grandstand the meeting bay talking down the deal. Perhaps someone who is a hired “due diligence” consultant who’s only purpose is to poke holes in your deal. Watch how Oren Klaff solves this problem.

Watch this excerpt and if you want to learn more register to watch the entire broadcast here:

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