Gas Pipeline Leak Detection and LDAR: A iReport

Gas Pipeline Leak Detection, known also as LDAR, is featured in this CNN iReport on the environmental impact of leaking gas plants.

Our interview with Elias Tobias highlights modern gas leak detection techniques used to reduce environmental impact from leaking gas plants and pipelines located across the US and Canada.

Elias Tobias is a professional engineer registered in Alberta and BC Canada. He has close to 30 years experience in engineering. He is the CEO and Founder of Safety Scan, a company that has a mission to promote safety within the oil and gas industry using the most advanced technology available on the planet to find oil leaks.

In this interview new modern infrared OGI Optical Gas Imaging technology are shown, in action, testing gas plants and pipe connections for leaks.

Gas leaks clearly show on the infrared video.

Some staggering statistics:
In 2009 the US Greenhouse emissions on methane alone was 19 billion cubic feet per year on FUGITIVE EMISSIONS.

A study made by a health and safety department of an oil & gas producer and operator IN CANADA calculated that over a 100 leaking components collectively accounted for almost 60 million cubic feet per year of leaks amounting to a staggering US$360,000 per year in lost product.

The methane leaks contributed to over 20,000 tonnes per year in greenhouse gas emissions. Most of the leaks were economical to repair and, in this study, fixing them all would represent over US$ 2 million in savings. In this case the payback would be in less than half a year not counting the carbon credits that could be worth an additional US$500 thousand per year.

This report substantiates the importance of leak technology modernization in the gas industry. “Soap and water tests are not sufficient anymore”

Subject: Gas Pipeline Leak Detection andLDAR: A iReport
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