How to Call a Client Without Cold Calling Them – Taking the cold out of Calls

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How to call a client without cold calling them Learn how here:

Calgary business development consultants Chris Hamilton and Kersten Kloss interview Steve Schiffman, author of over 65 best selling sales training books.

The trick is to call a client when they are not distracted or busy with their day-to-day activities.

Everyone needs to engage with clients by phone at some time of the lead generation process. You might send out emails, flyers, post cards or letter and you might meet with them at trade shows or events, but ultimately you will need to engage with them somehow in a one-to-one client call.

We understand that it’s not easy to call a client out of the blue. You need to arrange for soft introductions, leading yourself into the sales call.

In this interview with Authro Steve Schiffman we talk a bit about psychology of the sales call, the cold call process, and the distractions that sales people face when dealing with marketing procedures and social media.

Bottom line. You need to make the call!

Learn how to call a client without cold calling them. We have a process that takes care of the initial engagement resulting in the client calling you back.

We change the process of cold calling by leaving deliberate messages. This is less intrusive and a far more effective use of your time.

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Topic: How to Call a Client Without Cold Calling Them
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