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We interviewed veteran sales and marketing leader Steve Schiffman and 25 year sales and marketing professional and author of Sales Tip A Day, Chris Hamilton about how to cold call clients.  When is it important to make the cold call, what works and what does not work.

Steve Shiffman has trained over 500,000 sales professionals in 23 countries world wide over his 35 year career and has written 53 books on the sales process.

Schiffman to this day still feels that sales people need to make the cold call.  Yes cold calls can be disruptive but when timed with mailers and emails they work.

In this interview we discussed ways in which you as a sales professional should approach cold calls.  When is the right time to make the cold call?  How to cold call without being disruptive?

The good news is that we have a process that can fully automate your cold calls, so outgoing cold calls become incoming warm leads.

Visit Steve’s website at for a list of his books

Subject: How to Cold Call with Steve Schiffman, Expert Cold Calling Techniques
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