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Have you ever lost your cell phone?
Ever walked away and forgotten your keys?
Have you suddenly realized that you no longer have your wallet?
Now a unique program can help you get your lost items returned ASAP
My guest today is Alonzo Furtch creator of Return It A.S.A.P. dot com
Thank you for joining us today Alonzo
[Alonzo Furtch] Thank you for having me Kirsten.
[Kirsten Kloss] Alonzo, Losing your cell phone appears to be a nationwide epidemic and I thought it was exclusive to my house.
[Alonzo Furtch] Your house My house everyones house.
Did you know that Disneyland reports that 300 telephones are recovered each week.
in 1 year 85,000 cell phones were lost in Chicago taxi cabs.
10,000 laptops are lost or stolen in US airports every week.
Of course there is a certain segment of the population that if they find your lost item, you may not get it back.
The real problem is we lose these items at ball parks, restaurants taxis movie theaters.
and if someone finds your lost valuables they often don’t have a way to get it back to you even if they wanted to…until now.
All you have to do is attach our tag or label to your valuable.
Each label has our toll free and a unique 7 digit code
Go to our website and register your item
Give us your contact info as well as that of a couple of friends or family members
When you lose you item the person who finds it will call the toll free number and enter
in your unique 7 digit code.
our system will immediateely send you and your friends a text message and an email.
We will then instantly connect the person who found your lost item with you or your friends.

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