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Few companies do mobile marketing. Few realize how powerful this text messaging is as a business communication tool.

In this episode of BizDev Weekly, Chris Hamilton and Kersten Kloss of New Lucid, a Calgary Business Development company, discuss the under-utilized business tool of Text Messaging.

Text messages get noticed almost 100% of the time, where email is ignored most of the time. If you have time sensitive information that you need to release to your clients or prospects, make sure you include mobile messaging in your marketing mix.

Chris and Kersten don’t condone spamming through mobile marketing, but rather using the communication tool to inform those that opted in to your text messaging service.

Some examples of how this works:
Doctor/Dentist appointment reminders
Live event notices and registration reminders
Product warranty or recall notices

Want to learn more about mobile marketing and text messaging for business? Visit http://newlucid.com/services/text-message-mobile-marketing
for help in Calgary or anywhere you might be in the world.

Topic: Text Messaging for business so few businesses use mobile marketing
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