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Become a Guest Host on BizDevWeekly

Co-author with Kersten Kloss on and build a stronger following through LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter with automated content, syndication and banner following using Google Re-marketing.

Sign Up As A Co-Host on BizDevWeekly for 6 Months and Receive:

  • Your own news and information media section on BizDevWeekly to build “social proof” as an expert in your industry
  • A business profile on BizDevWeekly with one feature podcast/interview feature about you and your business
  • Self-managed guest post access to supply your own articles and or videos to your channel
  • Completely automated daily curation of news feed articles to support your business, aggregated from news sources worldwide
  • Daily sharing of all your content to the followers of your social networks like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook – to create “top of mind” awareness among your followers
  • Re-targeting all LinkedIn and Facebook visitors who visit your show site with tracking cookies and follow-up banner advertising for up to a year using Google Re-marketing*. Create a powerful top of mind awareness among your followers!

6-Month Co-Cost Campaign SPECIAL

Register as a 6-month Co-Host for $1783 ($297/mo)
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Still Not Sure?

Learn How Powerful Content Curation Can Be for Your Business

  • How To Find Leads By Sharing Articles
  • How to Use Personal/Business Branding Sites to Curate Content To Your Followers Online
  • How Sharing Content on Social Networks Attracts Prospects To Your Product or Service
  • How Tagging of Your Content Viewers Works with Banner Advertising
  • How I Aggregate Articles And Automate Content Curation and Syndication

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*Google Remarketing advertising is an added cost to you and is administered by you. Budget $50/month for Google Adwords.


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